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Mission Statement

Benefit Requirements and Procedures

1)      Child must be under the age of 18 years of age.
Child must live in or the transplant must be performed in a hospital/transplant center within the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or the following surrounding counties of: Bucks, Chester, Delaware or Montgomery counties in the State of Pennsylvania.
Child must be on a transplant list or have begun the process to be placed on a transplant list.
You must be willing to fundraise for your child.
All monies raised and collected for your child will be deposited in a special fund, , and will be made available as expenses are needed.
6)      All monies raised and collected for your child will be paid directly to the hospital/transplant center.

 The Abby Rose Fund, Inc. is a registered 501c3 nonprofit corporation set up to help with the uninsured costs related to organ transplants in children.

Our mission is to provide assistance to families who do not have the financial resources to adequately provide for their child’s uninsured organ transplanted related costs on their own. We accomplish this through providing assistance with fundraising events/efforts on the family’s behalf, then depositing the monies raised through these efforts into specific account until the funds are needed.

Each event held by the Abby Rose Fund and the families of children waiting for transplant provides assistance with raising funds to meet the needs of a specific client. We do this through the philanthropic efforts of individuals and communities.

When a child enters our program, an account is created for that individual family to be able to organize and execute their own fundraisers. The monies raised from these fundraisers are then deposited in a separate account fund set up for that child. This frees the family and friends from dealing with the administrative tasks of a nonprofit while giving the donors the peace of mind of donating to a nonprofit organization. The monies that are accumulated in each account must be used for the medical needs of the child and must fit into the Abby Rose Fund By-Laws. 

 The Abby Rose Fund Can Assist with:

Medical Costs:

   Insurance deductibles
   Insurance co-pays
   Pre-transplant evaluation & testing
   Fees for recovery of the organ from the donor
   Follow up care and testing
   Additional hospital stays for complications
   Fees for surgeons, radiologists, anesthesiologists, and recurrent lab tests
   Anti-rejection and other drugs
   Funeral and burial costs as well as any lingering medical bills - if necessary

   Any other expense not directly related to organ transplant, or that is in conflict with IRS nonprofit rules and/or the objectives of the Abby Rose Fund, Inc. will not be paid

  Should you have any questions regarding the Abby Rose Fund, please feel free to contact us at:


You can also email us with your questions at:

Important Donation Information

Under IRS rules, the final distribution is to be determined by the Abby Rose Fund, Inc. We will make every effort possible to abide by the donor’s request.



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