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The Abby Rose Fund was started by the friends and family of Abby as a way to raise money to cover the uninsured costs of her kidney transplant. Due to a paperwork snafu, her insurance was dropped by the State and left the family in dire straits. Everyone mobilized and started the ball rolling to get the badly needed funds together.
A Beef & Beer was organized and donations started to come in. In the meantime, her parents fought to get the insurance back, and when they were told she would, our mission changed.
We had educated ourselves in the process and saw a need for somebody to help those who were in the same situation, and decided to become a charity.
As of 05/21/12 we are a registered Non-Profit business with the State Of Pa. As of 11/08/12 we are a registered 501(c)3 organization. Copies of the documents can be provided upon request.
Our Three part mission goals are to educate, fund raise and assist.
1. We will provide people with educational materials, links to information and guide them to the necessary resources to make the best, most well informed decision they can possibly make.
2. We will assist with fundraising, either directly where practical, help with organization and solicitation for donations. We will assist with establishing trusts and managing the funds raised for their children.
3. We will assist the families with contacting other charitable organizations and support groups that will be able to guide them and help them through their tough times.
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